Tokidoki inspired theme for my midori passport

Quanto adoro il mio midorino e adoro anche Tokidoki così, avendo questi adesivi disponibili, ho deciso di decorarci il mio camel e il risultato mi ha ampiamente soddisfatta!!!!


Everyday life with Filofax and Midori 

So rainy days begins, as always, with journaling with my two beloved Midori Traveler’s notebooks: the camel is for journaling while the blue is my war binder 

A little check at the appointments of the day in my lovely Classic croc 

And then… ready to go!!!

Oh…so cute my Dodo pomellato ring, I’m so in love!!! 

This is my everyday carry: my two Midori, my little NIV Bible and my pocket Croc!!! A Classic day of a planner nerd!!!!